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The Financial Incentive Behind Building a Family Business

During the summer of 2011, Mark Piantedosi hired his teenage son Michael to work for his landscaping company. It was one of his best business and parenting moves so far.

Piantedosi, owner of Rudy's Tree & Landscape and Commonwealth Landscape Lighting in Acton, Massachusetts, taught his now 21-year-old son everything about working at his landscaping and lighting design businesses. And Piantedosi learned a thing or two from Michael too, who is now in his senior year of college and planning to report to work at Commonwealth Landscape Lighting the day after he graduates this spring.

"He's proud of the fact that he already has a job after graduation," says Piantedosi.

Michael is majoring in communications and will be instrumental in putting the family-run businesses on the digital map. "Social media isn't my strong suit and electronic communications aren't my thing. But Michael is showing me how to keep the company current with digital public relations and I'm learning from him. He recently created a Facebook page for our lighting company," says Piantedosi, adding that he's looking forward to Michael building Commonwealth's presence on social media channels.

Teaching Your Kids About the Family Business

Read the rest of the article at the Fundera Ledger.



Article from Fundera Ledger, written by Robyn Parets at https://www.fundera.com/blog/2016/02/15/why-you-should-work-with-your-kids/



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